Arezzo&Co was established in 1972 in the city of Belo Horizonte, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The creation of the brand stemmed from the Birman Family's inspiration and desire to connect its shoes to the Italian fashion trends during the 70's, in view of the great influence of the European fashion worldwide.

The first milestone to consolidate the brand Arezzo in the Brazilian women's footwear industry came in 1979 with the launch of the Wedge Sandal, covered in jute thread. The distinguished model soon became a best-seller.

In the 80's, the lack of support in the industrial area of Belo Horizonte led the Company to update its production into a vertically integrated model, enabling greater quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process, from the production of leather and soles to the finished product.

In 1990, the Company opened its first flagship store on Oscar Freire Street, an important commercial street that gathers national and international design brand names in the city of São Paulo. The Company then started to increase investments in innovative actions that were introduced in the sales points and the operations in the franchise network were strengthened. This allowed Arezzo to extend its sales countrywide. The Company also invested in the opening of own stores in strategic consumption centers.

Also in the '90s, the Company focused in research and development of new shoe models and trends, as well as in retail sales. Manufacturing operations were shut down in Minas Gerais State, and replaced for outsourced production in the region of Vale do Sinos, Rio Grande do Sul State. The "fast fashion" concept gained momentum and commercial operations were centralized in the city of São Paulo.

In 2007, Schutz was merged into Arezzo. Schutz was founded by Alexandre Birman in 1995, having its first shoe factory opened two years later, in the state of Minas Gerais. In 1999, Schutz moved its manufacturing production to the city of Campo Bom, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and in 2002 expanded its operations internationally, exporting footwear and participating in international exhibitions. The union between the Company and Schutz brought forth synergies in management and complementarity to the brand portfolio.

Also in 2007, a strategic partnership was established with Tarpon Investimentos, which purchased a minority stake of Arezzo&Co's capital stock. The alliance has helped to enhance the Company's corporate structure and governance standards.

The brand SCHUTZ is made in Brazil in Arezzo Company, which is founded in 1972 by entrepreneur brothers Anderson and Jefferson Birman. Arezzo is the largest retail brand of women's fashion footwear in Latin America, encompassing concept, high quality and contemporary design.
SCHUTZ is one of the strongest brands of Arezzo company. German word that means protection, Schutz began its operations in August, 1995.

The brand invests significantly in research of the latest trends, development of material and new technology to create its portfolio. Its mission is to offer its consumers a product concept connected with design, quality, fashion and freedom of expression.

The result is delivered in collections designed to reflect the spirit of modern and young women that are sassy, bold and show their own style. Schutz calls women to dare, to seek the unique, to challenge the consensus. At present, Schutz footwear, handbags and accessories have a sales point network with presence in all states in Brazil. The Brand also holds own stores in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and flagship stores located in the main Brazilian high-end and fashion centers. In the international market, Schutz products are available at several multi-brand stores. On 5th of September 2012 was opened the flagship store in New York, on Madison Avenue.

In Russia and Ukraine brand is already sold for 5 years and getting a big success, thanks to the high quality, low price and very fashionable styles. SCHUTZ is sold along with Prime collections in the shops, as it has all the qualities to be in line with brands as Casadei, Zanotti, etc.

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