The company was born in 1972 by Srappa Sesto and Acciarini Adelavide who have felt necessity to create a shoe cured in the minimal details; with their strength and great enthusiasm, they have constructed a name, a tradition, a trade that continues from two generations. Becoming an art.

The company’s main strength is the craftsmanship that has been transmitted to sons by teaching them the technical, manual skills and personality in the construction of footwear.

From the beginning the mark was identified for a class man by permitting the successful of the company and by targeting buyers that prefer a classic and nice shoes always careful to last news fashion.

In 90’s years Mr. Strappa decides to involve in the company his son Ivan making a new brand “Strappa Ivan”. Following Mr. Acciarini involves his son too, Christian. Ivan & Christian increase the quality product, having success with engagement and quality. 

The pleasure to transmit the art, the work to make an accurate style, all handmade, has created the Regard shoes; a fashion product that represents excellence of Made in Italy and Made in Marche.