1952 - In 1952 Mario Briccola founded a company, INDUSTRIA VALIGERIA FINE MARIO BRICCOLA, manufacturing suitcases and bags. He knew he could rely on his own resources, initiative, courage, and creativity. Because Mario Briccola’s vision was projected towards a greater future, with ambitious goals, the main investment was on himself and his family. Sixty years later, after seeing his dream come true each day, Mario Briccola looks ahead to the future with the confidence of someone that has managed to build much more than a successful enterprise.

1960 - Eight years after the foundation of INDUSTRIA VALIGERIA FINE, came the building of the first industrial facility. In the 1960s the company had 100 employees and was locally established as a strong entrepreneurial entity.

1962 - Bric’s brand first appears on the Italian market. From now on, the product of INDUSTRIA VALIGERIA FINE MARIO BRICCOLA would be distinguished by a brand that carries all the values of Bric’s. The Bric’s brand becomes a company asset, encompassing distinctive traits, as well as the company’s history.

1978 - The company’s growth continues unabated, while Mario Briccola shapes his “family-based” project by involving his children in the company in 1978. The company has a consolidated industrial base. It both manufactures on behalf of outstanding names and relies on the potentials of its own brand. In the following years, six of the eight children would become the executive managers of the company.

1989 - Bric’s opens up to foreign markets, giving start to its internationalization. From now on, 4 foreign distribution units are opened in sequence to support market development. These include Bric’s GmbH in Germany, Bric’s France in Paris, Bric’s UK in London and, later, Bric’s USA in New York and Bric’s China.

1993 - Bric’s signs a bilateral agreement with TUMI to promote Bric’s entry into the US market.
In time the company has established strategic partnerships with other brands, including Kipling, The Sak and Wenger.

2000 - The first Flagship Store opens in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milan. The prestige of the Galleria in Milan demonstrates the wish of Bric’s to set up displays in appropriate locations, reflecting the elegance and fineness of its products. Other openings of Bric’s stores follow as the spearhead of a business development that reaches far beyond the national borders, a mix of creative skills and innovation, in perfect tuning with fashion trends and consumer expectations.

2001 - Bric’s USA is established in New York. With the opening of this branch, based on Madison Avenue, Bric’s gets closer to the American consumers, interpreting their taste with the introduction of a dedicated assortment for the US. The American market rewards Bric’s, placing its products in the high-end status.

2012 - Bric’s celebrates its 60th anniversary with the motto “Made in Bric’s”, which reflects the cultural identity of an Italian company. Made in Bric’s does not just refer to the geographic location of the company, but also to the genius, the Italian know-how that produces an idea, an utterly unique style.

2013 - lBric's launches BELLAGIO Collection: high-class and functional travelling. Bellagio, the flagship collection, is a vintage-looking range that recalls classic travel bags and the tradition of elegant travel trunks, whose merit is the perfect recovery of such flavors in an item of groundbreaking functionality, strength, and lightness.

2014 - Bric's registers a new trademark. Next to its corporate logo, the trademark shows the Italian flag and the date of company's foundation in order to claim its origin, related to creativity, lifestyle and Italian taste, and its long history, synonymous of manufacturing experience and handicraft skills.