It was at this time that the Sbrighi family realized the importance of tailoring as a way to enhance femininity and intuited that changes were afoot in the world of women’s fashion.

Then Simone and Stefano were born and, from the union of their names, the Siste’s brand was created. The year was 1991.

The family tradition was carried s part of the imaginary, Siste’s was born in the early ‘50s within the textile company of the Sbrighi family.

The ‘50s were the years of legends the likes of James Dean and Marlon Brandon, the music of Elvis Presley and the iconic style of Marilyn Monroe.

on until a clear-cut concept emerged of what truly characterizes the Siste’s woman: elegance and practicality. This concept still lies at the heart of all of the collections.

A deep passion for fashion, expertise in the production of women’s clothing, secrets of the trade, and special processing techniques have been handed down from generation to generation, consolidating the family’s long-standing history.

On September 22, 2009 the first Siste’s flagship store was opened on Corso Buenos Aires, in Milan.

In 2011, Siste’s experienced significant growth and expanded its presence to Rome and Bologna, opening flagships in some of Italy’s most prominent shopping districts.