If there is a term that manages to express the identity of the brand Eleventy, their vision, mission, values, essence and brand promise it would be: responsibility.

And we aren’t simply referring to the brand’s social responsibility, or rather the responsibility a company has towards its stakeholders (employees, institutions, communities, environment, investors, customers, partners, and suppliers), but a more general concept of “responsibility” that came from a deep conviction, a moral obligation, and an ethical imperative. It is this, which drove three young entrepreneurs to work towards and produce a brand that is always pursuing impeccability and excellence in every aspect.Since 2006, in an unquestionably short span of time, exclusively maintaining “responsibility” as a goal, Marco Baldassari, Paul Zuntini and Andrea Scuderi have managed to take a young brand, which offered a small collection of no logo polo shirts (which were however characterized by special treatments and finishes which gave them a refined and exclusive look), and quickly turn it into the everexpanding international brand Eleventy.

The main target audience is males between the ages of 25 and 54 years old, belonging to the upper-middle or upper socio-economic class, that is to say the up-and-coming elite, full-force professionals, and the male elite. Their education, income and status are medium-high to high. The consumers that make up the majority target market are entrepreneurs, professionals, managers and employees.

Particular attention is paid to distribution which goes to confirm the position of the brand in the mid to upper sector of the market. The sales network is made up of a team of 15 professionals in Italy and abroad.Eleventy is distributed in the most prestigious department stores around the world. In Italy there are 5 flagship stores as well as a network of 300 multi-brand stores; 150 multibrand stores abroad; 12 flagship stores in Korea by 2016.

In a short time, the first flagship store will be launched in Moscow. Furthermore Eleventy closed an agreement with a Chinese local partner for the opening of 13 stores over the next four years in China, thus consolidating the relentless expansion of the brand in Asia.

Having direct control over your retail is a powerful weapon in terms of building brand identity and implementing corporate values and this is something which the company has been working hard on within the domestic market. However, with respect to developing within international markets, the plan is to continue to establish partnerships with local entities which can develop a retail formula that will meet the needs of their particular market. Anyone would envy their plans for expansion, especially in light of the arduous recession that is taking affecting our global economy.