Pier Antonio Gaspari

Pier Antonio Gaspari

Pierantonio Gaspari spent his childhood among the knitting machines in the knitwear company founded by his family. Growing up he became more and more fascinated and he learned all the secrets he would need to create his own line : PierAntonioGaspari , a total look with a new conception, with garments that turn fashion into an enigmatic game and always chic. The brand has become one of the most extraordinary stylistic and commercial successes in the knitwear field and is distributed all over the world.

An enthusiastic experimenter, always spurred to extremes by inspirationcoming from all sorts of sources: a journey, a film, an art exhibition, a musical piece. As if moved by an invisibile fury, the material plies into shape and becomes a new collection, a new piece in the history of fashion. And so it is that each of his creations abandons the classical concepts of outfit, fashion, line, and colour. Each piece becomes one of a kind, an absolutely original representation of three dimensionality, bringing Pierantonio's style close to architectural design. His creations are structures built for a body, supported by a real talent in combining love for knitwear, sobriety and transformation.

While looking at a PierantonioGaspari garment our visual perception is stimulated because the lines appear to break and the shapes recompose, the volume of the garment we have before us is suddenly transformed and then seems to disappear. Every collection contains an idea that provokes an overturning of the constructional conventions and therefore a shirt can become a dress by a simple destructuring of its volumes.These modern metamorphosis's are the result of many years of research on the traditional ways of knitting.

His woman is a rebel angel, elegant and sober. A woman who moves like a seductive warrior, one who has conquered her place in the world with great simplicity. Because the world was waiting for her, an expression of contemporary views, ready to wear this refined and innovative brand of Made in Italy.