While men in New York are standing and drinking their first coffee of the day, architects in Berlin are hard at work on their competition entires, medical staff in Mumbai are developing a nationwide care project and a designer in Tokyo is drawing the new new lines of the next sport coup in a plain, functional building: The world of strellson never sleeps. Attracted to metropolitan city streets as well as to the north face of a mountain massif, these men are united in a common goal - their quest for absolute quality.

Clarity. If we had to sum it all up in one word, it would be that one. From the cut of our suits, the air in Kreuzlingen on Lake Constance up to the way we work. Clarity is what we strive for, what we exemplify, in things both simple and complex. It is difficult to achieve, but it is no coincidence. It comes from values. From work. From attitude. We are Strellson. We come from Switzerland. We create fashion for men who go their own way.

Reliable, fair and precise – Switzerland. Smart design. And the highest conceivable demands on quality. It fits. Us. Designed in Switzerland.

At Strellson, we’re proud of the fact that we offer great fashion at equally great prices. Because this means that our fashion is also worn by men who are on their way up. Young men with big plans. Men of action whose life will take them far. Maybe not always on the direct path – because interesting people rarely choose that way. But there’s one thing all their paths have in common: they are their very own. And that’s why we love them.

Strellson is now in 40 countries, spread over the entire globe. This is the result of hard work. Our work; and we ourselves are still the ones most surprised by this success. Because establishing a global brand is, at the same time, confirmation that it is understood everywhere in the world. And that is not a matter of course. From Toronto to Moscow, from Paris, Dublin, Duesseldorf, Zurich to Beirut and Shanghai – we believed that men everywhere shared the same values. We also hoped it was true. Today we know it is. And carry on our work.