The tradition-rich company was founded in 1924 in Kirchentellinsfurt, Germany.

Over the course of many years, the EINHORN brand has established itself as a top name for high-quality, modern shirts and blouses.

In 2007, the owner at the time sold the company including the EINHORN brand to an investor.

Even a big U.S. brand continued to manufacture their shirts with EINHORN. The consequences of globalization also had a big impact on the continuity of the enterprise.

This wound has left its mark, but the EINHORN brand perseveres and with it is a small team of outstanding, creative employees who yet again dedicate themselves to designing perfect shirts and blouses for Hunting.

Excellent products are created, uniting a stylish cut, practical features and excellent quality, combined with the German-made classy checkered fabrics from the Brennet company.

The cooperation between EINHORN and Brennet offers throughout Europe a synergy and long-standing knowledge about every step: from conceptual design to fabric production and finally the completion of the shirts and blouses.

This allows us to continue to successfully and concertedly develop the product range for hunting and leisure time according to the highest standards.

EINHORN with Brennet are likewise a trusted and innovative partner for us. They work with and respect fair trade practices, high quality and environmental guidelines.