Abbacino bags

Just 14 years after the brand was founded, it is already present in 15 markets.

And what was the key to such success? The firm’s full confidence in the project, a large dose of motivation and the courage to take risks that would have daunted others.

The youth and enthusiasm of the Abbacino team were also vital factors. Their ability to adapt to changes is one of the company's virtues and strongest assets. Not even the 2008 crisis was able to curb the firm’s growth.

The Vadell family’s track record and results are proof enough of their success in brand and business development. Their approach has successfully turned a local company, with close ties its place of origin, into an international firm. Collection after collection, Abbacino has been gaining ground in the demanding world of fashion, while keeping its feet firmly on the ground.

Thanks to the public response to its products, Abbacino has grown exponentially year after year. The Abbacino family now includes more than forty employees, working out of the headquarters at Petra, the sales office in Barcelona, the showrooms in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Leipzig, and the company’s numerous production centres.

The main challenge facing the firm now is to consolidate the brand in its key markets: Spain, Italy, France, Russia, Japan and also China, where the firm is based since 2011, with several points of sale including corners and own-brand shops. The first store opened in China was located in the prestigious Shenzhen City Square shopping centre, in the city of Shenzhen.