The first collection came out in the 2004 only for the woman’s world, with a big and strong customer and press success. One year later, in the 2005 , the BEAYUKMUI COLLECTIONS become more important and complete with a male and female lines. The BEAYUKMUI WORLD is well-characterized using the 100% Cashmere in an unusual ways and fresh styles, including sparkling colors, strong graphics, jacquards, embroideries, small and big precious intarsia.
Nowadays, BEAYUKMUI has an almost total look for the woman’s collection using the same philosophy with additional other precious knitted and woven materials like: silk, mixed fiber of silk and cashmere, wool and cashmere, fur, down jacket and leather. We are still present an interesting and original men sweater line and from the fall winter 2010 the new BeaYukMui GIRL line.