the BOLTZE Group, founded by Male and Werner Boltze, whose success story began in the family sitting room, has stood for top-quality, highly fashionable living accessories and gift items.

By the ten-year anniversary in 1974 the owner-managed company was already achieving sales of over one million euros and employed 40 staff. In the years that followed the BOLTZE Group continued to grow and subsequently relocated, its main offices from central Hamburg to Ahrensburg, just outside the city, in 1993.

Six years later, in 1999, the founders passed responsibility for the company on to their children; Angela and Adrian Boltze joined as Managing Directors to lead BOLTZE into the second generation. Long experience and a keen feel for the future have made it possible for the company to continue developing. BOLTZE now achieves sales of over 100 Million EUR per year and has over 290 employees - and things just keep getting better!

2014 we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our company. For 50 years we have focused on market and customer requirements and have worked with passion, putting our hearts and minds into inspiring our customers and ensuring their success.