Gianfranco Pini

Gianfranco Pini


Footwear for men and women, handbags and small leather goods “Made in Italy”; “Top Quality” items designed by Gianfranco Pini.

Each product is like a little work of art, made by master craftsmen whose attention, care and expertise are fundamental for designing a structure that guarantees its owner will experience the joy of true excellence.

Great attention is paid to selecting the best materials; to safeguarding the highest standards of quality and comfort, especially as regards the fit of the shoes, designed carefully so they will mould properly to the foot.
Gianfranco Pini’s style is all about elegance: the collections for men and women are made with supreme quality materials and painstaking details that are the mark of sophistication and excellence.
In recent years, the product has undergone a thorough “re-styling”: its traditional elegance has been given a touch of style and glamour, becoming an integral part of the brand’s identity.



The Gianfranco Pini brand represents the true value of any product “Made in Italy”: the value of craftsmanship, the prestige of specialist workshops, the true significance of human relationships, and the notion of commitment and dedication expressed not only in terms of sweat and tears, but also in a sense of creativity and ideas that originate in real life.
Master craftsman Gianfranco Pini was born into a family of craftsmen from Bologna, and opened his shoemaking business in 1958 in Bologna. He gradually became known over the years for his selection of the best quality materials and his attention to the fit of the shoes and their special, handmade construction.

Gianfranco Pini’s creativity knew no boundaries and he soon thought up a new way to sell his products: a red van in one of the main squares in Bologna’s city centre.
And so it was that the “the shoes from the red van” became synonymous not only with quality, but also with a person and a sentiment for over fifty years.

Anyone from Bologna will remember the queue of the “offspring” of Bologna’s upper classes outside the shop in via Ugo Bassi in the years marked by student protests. The reason: to order a pair of Gianfranco Pini’s famous leather boots, a cult item especially among the younger generations.

It is a story of fame, of acknowledged value, but also of emotion and great respect.
An important heritage recognised by two young entrepreneurs who are now re-launching the brand after its founder passed away, with a “Brand-Experience” project taking on Italy and the world.