Del Mare 1911

Del Mare 1911

Del Mare 1911 was born in Turin more than 100 years ago, since 1968 it has moved its dressmakers workrooms to Milan and strongly developed its own sales network, establishing itself as a leader in men’s formal apparel.

Already since mid 19th century, in Livorno, Del Mare has successfully been dealing with trades of garments and fabrics.

Later, at the beginning of 20TH century, company moved to Turin, where, after purchases ,was founded and developed a new company named “La Facis”,(F abbrica Abiti Confezionati in Serie). In this way, company’s tradition in textile industry has become more and more strong and has moved forward into the future of prêt a porter.


Later, after an intense development, as long as second world war approached , Facis was maked over to another big industrial association.

Currently, following tradition, Del Mare family has elaborated trough its structure peculiarities which distinguish itself since ever.

Del Mare 1911 established itself on market always looking for quality and high style.

Well-known for generations our brand has been developing many projects in Italy and abroad.

Men’s apparel proposed by our style office holds the classical concept of elegance considering also new trends.