Zeze Firenze

Zeze Firenze

Fibo International's excellence in jewelry returns with the "ZEZE Firenze" jewel collection dedicated to high-quality design: unique models made of brass, stone and chain weaves that have been designed taking care of each single detail.

Large-volume necklaces and bracelets are as appealing as real outfits; earrings, rings and sleeve bracelets draw inspirarion from Florentine Renaissance.

A collection that is meant to represent the well-known made-in-Italy craftsmanship by creating unique pieces of jewelry each different from the other.

A historic company of the longstanding jewelry tradition of Vicenza, in the last 50 years FIBO International has been widely recognized and appreciated all over the world thanks to the quality and innovation of its products and the reliability of its customer service.

Brass is once again one of the most appreciated and fashionable materials for the creation of jewels with a unique and original design.

The great strength and malleability of brass allows for the creation of one-of-a-kind jewels which, just like a work of art, are simply unique.

Our jewels are completed with original Swarovski crystals adding light and femininity.