From a small artisan’s workshop founded by the Valoti brothers in 1973 , the family business grew and expanded to reach its current size as highly verticalized group that directly controls the purchasing process of raw materials and the production processes through its own laboratories.

The INVIDIAUOMO brand was introduced to the market in 2003 with the opening of our first shop.

It is the beginning of a prudent but steady development, which allowed the company to structure necessary for expanding nationally and internationally.

Today, with more than 50 shops, the group is preparing for a new phase of expansion.

The history of every large company is deeply rooted in great values that made it unique.

INVIDIAUOMO company believes in quality which is the distinctive mark of all our actions, the element that distinguishes us, the pillar on which are based all our investments. The attachment to this value, united with the experience, the capacities and the deep knowledge of the market and the product are the recipe of a constant growing that in 40 years of work has made INVIDIAUOMO a landmark in the fashion industry.